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Number of tents under 4 meters (longest side) or normal capacity of 4 or less - @ £20 per night - includes two people

Number of tents over 4 meters (any side) or normal capacity of 5 or 6 -
@ £25 per night - includes two people

Number of tents over 6 meters or with normal capacity of 7 or more -
@ £30 per night - includes two people

Number of single occupancy '2 man' size tents - @ £15 per night

Number of additional Adults - @ £5 per night

Number of children between 4 and 15 years old @ £2.50 per night

Number of children under 4 Free

Number of additional vehicles - @ £8 per night

Number of Gazebo under 4m @ £5 each

Number of Gazebo over 4m @ £8

Number of Dogs @ £2.50 per night

Number of 'Pup' tents for children or storage (additional to normal booking costs i.e. does not include any people costs) - @ £10 per night

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Additional information and queries:

Tick if you have understood the terms and conditions particularly those of restricted vehicle access times and pedestrian only access to the camping area. All quotes are valid for thirty days. NOTE:- No permanent reservation can be made until the deposit has been received - see terms and conditions.

If you have any further queries or have not received a response in a reasonable time frame please contact us agiain either using the enquiry form or you can call us on 01929 426809 or 07729 423780.

All too often our response mistakenly goes into your junk/spam folder - if you haven't heard from us please check this!

Please ONLY contact us if your reservation is from friday the 28th July, August or Swanage Folk Weekend as at all other times we are closed.

To turn your enquiry into a firm booking and so secure your space a 50% deposit will be requested to be sent via cheque or BACS transfers.  Details of full (simple!) instructions and our bank details shall be sent to you in our response to your enquiry.